60 degrees F at last

Spring is late this year, everyone says so. The wait is especially long because the winter was so cold and the snow never seemed to stop.

Our April showers were snow showers; now, we are having May rain.Rainbow


When we are delayed like this, the flowers seem to come on all at once.

Erythronium americanum (Trout lily, Yellow trout lily, Yellow dogtooth violet)

Erythronium americanum (Trout lily, Yellow trout lily, Yellow dogtooth violet)

This week we have narcissus and daffodils, finally! The trout lilies started on Monday and by Wednesday there were dandelions.

Seal mothers patrol the beach looking for likely spots to give birth.

We used to have a seal every spring come and balance on a rock until her baby came. The tide would float her off and she would always be there as the water receded, bowed and bouncing. Then she would leave the howling baby on the rock while she fished. We named her Lucille and when she stopped coming we felt abandoned and empty.

harbor_seal_groupNow we have more numerous un-named seals competing with the loons and the eagles and the osprey for the fish in the bay. Mergansers, eiders and cormorants are back, too!



I know that the Ruby-throated hummingbirds are here because I have been dive bombed and buzzed, but they are not at my feeders yet.

Next week the black flies will be out, without a doubt, and our netted hats will finally replace the wool and felt of winter.Mozzi_Suit_Seth_100mm-e1307566307177-250x250




Early Spring…


Here in the upper right-hand corner of the map of the United States, spring has barely sprung.

We are just barely seeing the grass, the woods still contain berms of snow and ice, and rivers are coming down from their high after the ice jams broke up in the last heavy rain.



Two weeks ago, I cheered the day I saw my first returning osprey. Today I put out the hummingbird feeder because the migration map shows two sightings in the past week. I will put away the winter boots, keeping the muck boots, leaving the sandals for a few more weeks.

Still, no wind, rain on the way, we welcome the beginning of the light to come.